Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Ash Wednesday

Happy Ash Wednesday everyone! I hope and pray that we all have good and fruitful lent filled with hope, love, fasting, prayer, repentance, joy and the fruits of the Holy Spirit.

Last Sunday at mass I had a little "AH Ha" moment and realized how as being parents we are a reflection of God and His relationship with us in that as He came down to be with us, and teach us and show us the way, we too are called to come down to our children's level to teach them in words they understand, be with them and show them the way of Jesus as best we can with God's help. The Holy Family and the Trinity are wonderful examples of what a family is and how it was made to be, full of unconditional and sacrificing love. Hope this makes sense and is helpful to someone. :)

For anyone interested, here is a Free Lent Activity/Prayer Calendar.