Monday, April 28, 2014

Mary's Month

Just wanted to repost this for Mary.

           Click on the this link May the Month of Mary to read an old post I wrote about the month of Mary.


Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The Reason

Why I haven't been blogging lately and my etsy shop is practically empty:
Herb Garden Planter

Potato plant

Succulents :)

Lettuce Mix

Tomatoes and Flowers

Trusty Garden Gloves and Snail Killer

New plants and Blueberry bush

The Garden

The Garden

Apple Tree

Watermelon Sprouts


Pineapple Plants (hopeful they will grow after killing 3.)

Lemon Tree
New favorite hose

Large weeds :)

Little Weed. :)

A Little Story
 I was picking up after my kids the other day and the thought came to me that I am very lucky to have messes to clean up at all. If I did not have my beautiful children, my life would be so lonely, sad and empty compared to what it is now. Sure, I 'd have more time to do the things I wanted to and it wouldn't take me hours to do simple everyday tasks, but what about all the wonderful moments my children enrich my life with? I would have missed out on so much joy and happiness. And they are still so young! Who knows how much more beauty and love they are yet to bring into my life and into my heart? So back to the story, there I was sitting on the floor picking up a horrendous mess and actually smiling about it for a minute. :) (Just so you know, I do not smile every time I have to pick up after my kids, in fact, my thoughts are usually very negative about the whole thing). I felt so thankful for them in that moment. Thankful for the mess, the toys, the yelling, the work, the things I take for granted, everything. It was the silver lining on my big grey cloud.
 They are a lot of work, true, but I wouldn't trade them or their messes and trials they come with for anything. And I encourage all mother's to think of how lucky you are to have children the next time you are cleaning up after them or they are driving you a little nuts. Enjoy the precious time you have with them and make sure they know how much you love them. Not the easiest task but well worth every effort.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Divine Mercy Sunday

One of my prayer card images.
Divine Mercy Sunday is tomorrow. I just came across a beautiful image of Jesus and His
Divine Mercy in a Spanish Calendar and was able to find it online to share.(not the image you see here.) You can find it at this link
Divine Mercy National Shrine Photos
it is the 13th photo on the page but there are many other pictures of the shrine you might like also.

Happy Divine Mercy Sunday everyone!

How to pray the Divine Mercy

Monday, March 25, 2013

Prayers of St. Catherine of Siena

Thankful for this Saint in my life right now.
Saint Catherine of Siena, Pray us.

"Lord, take me from myself and give me to yourself." - St Catherine of Siena
Prayer to the Holy Ghost by Saint Catherine of Siena
Holy Spirit, come into my heart; draw it to Thee by Thy power, O my God, and grant me charity with filial fear. Preserve me, O ineffable Love, from every evil thought; warm me, inflame me with Thy dear love, and every pain will seem light to me. My Father, my sweet Lord, help me in all my actions. Jesus, love, Jesus, love. Amen.
Prayer of Saint Catherine of Siena to the Precious Blood of Jesus
Precious Blood,
Ocean of Divine Mercy:
Flow upon us!
Precious Blood,
Most pure Offering:
Procure us every Grace!
Precious Blood,
Hope and Refuge of sinners:
Atone for us!
Precious Blood,
Delight of holy souls:
Draw us! Amen.

- Saint Catherine of Siena

Happy Annunciation Feast Day!

Hail Mary, Faithful Virgin
Hail Mary, Mother of Mercy
Hail Mary, Full of Grace
Pray for us!

Sorry not so many posts lately. It's been a busy, but very good Lent. God bless.

Saturday, March 9, 2013


Novena To St. Catherine Of Siena
 April 29th

 Heavenly Father, your glory is in your saints. We praise your glory in the life of the admirable St. Catherine of Siena, virgin and doctor of the Church. Her whole life was a noble sacrifice inspired by an ardent love of Jesus, your unblemished Lamb. In troubled times she strenuously upheld the rights of His beloved spouse, The Church. Father, honour her merits and hear her prayers for each of us, and for our whole parish family dedicated to her. Help us to pass unscathed through the corruption of this world, and to remain unshakably faithful to the church in word, deed, and example. Help us always to see in the Vicar of Christ an anchor in the storms of life, and a beacon of light to the harbour of your Love, in this dark night of your times and men's souls. Grant also to each of us our special petition . . . (pause to pray for your own intentions). We ask this through Jesus, your Son, in the bond of the Holy Spirit. Amen.
St. Catherine of Siena, Pray for us.

Found this prayer very appropriate for the times.
Read a little more about this saint at these websites:

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Ash Wednesday

Happy Ash Wednesday everyone! I hope and pray that we all have good and fruitful lent filled with hope, love, fasting, prayer, repentance, joy and the fruits of the Holy Spirit.

Last Sunday at mass I had a little "AH Ha" moment and realized how as being parents we are a reflection of God and His relationship with us in that as He came down to be with us, and teach us and show us the way, we too are called to come down to our children's level to teach them in words they understand, be with them and show them the way of Jesus as best we can with God's help. The Holy Family and the Trinity are wonderful examples of what a family is and how it was made to be, full of unconditional and sacrificing love. Hope this makes sense and is helpful to someone. :)

For anyone interested, here is a Free Lent Activity/Prayer Calendar.