Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The Reason

Why I haven't been blogging lately and my etsy shop is practically empty:
Herb Garden Planter

Potato plant

Succulents :)

Lettuce Mix

Tomatoes and Flowers

Trusty Garden Gloves and Snail Killer

New plants and Blueberry bush

The Garden

The Garden

Apple Tree

Watermelon Sprouts


Pineapple Plants (hopeful they will grow after killing 3.)

Lemon Tree
New favorite hose

Large weeds :)

Little Weed. :)

A Little Story
 I was picking up after my kids the other day and the thought came to me that I am very lucky to have messes to clean up at all. If I did not have my beautiful children, my life would be so lonely, sad and empty compared to what it is now. Sure, I 'd have more time to do the things I wanted to and it wouldn't take me hours to do simple everyday tasks, but what about all the wonderful moments my children enrich my life with? I would have missed out on so much joy and happiness. And they are still so young! Who knows how much more beauty and love they are yet to bring into my life and into my heart? So back to the story, there I was sitting on the floor picking up a horrendous mess and actually smiling about it for a minute. :) (Just so you know, I do not smile every time I have to pick up after my kids, in fact, my thoughts are usually very negative about the whole thing). I felt so thankful for them in that moment. Thankful for the mess, the toys, the yelling, the work, the things I take for granted, everything. It was the silver lining on my big grey cloud.
 They are a lot of work, true, but I wouldn't trade them or their messes and trials they come with for anything. And I encourage all mother's to think of how lucky you are to have children the next time you are cleaning up after them or they are driving you a little nuts. Enjoy the precious time you have with them and make sure they know how much you love them. Not the easiest task but well worth every effort.

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