Tuesday, October 2, 2012


Recently we have started saying evening prayers as a family. It has been a blessing for our family, but sometimes during our prayers (which we try to keep very short and simple) my kids seem to turn into uncontrollable blobs of energy and are very fidgety and unfocused and can't seem to stay in one place for 5 seconds. Well, as surprising as it may be, this tends to drives me crazy and I start to say silent prayers for more patience in between our evening prayers. Especially since it's the end of the day and I'm ready for bed too. So there I am trying to get through one short prayer and I feel like I am trying to say grace with 2 hungry, wild, playful and adorable puppies instead of children. Anyway, I was thinking this morning and all the sudden I realized how very much like a my children, I pray at times. Now, I may be able to stay still and say the prayers I want to, but really, there are many times my thoughts seem to run around and jump and are just plain old noisy while I am saying my prayers. All too often I allow my thoughts get in the way of really praying my prayers. I'm sure it will be a ongoing battle, but I pray for the grace to really be present and quiet in body and mind when I pray. And for the patience to pray with my kids! :)


  1. This reminds of St. Therese who had the same problem herself sometimes staying focused and even fell asleep often at prayer but she said God loved her awake or asleep because He knew her heart. Have you read Story of a Soul?

  2. I think I did a couple years ago, but should probably read it again. :)