Thursday, March 29, 2012

A lot on my plate

So, I have been up to a lot of little things lately, especially trying to get some things made to put in my new shop, It's been slow going, but I think I am starting to make a dent.
I have gone through and organized a bunch of my ideas and projects that I have written down, and that has helped quite a bit to give me some balance and help me focus.
I've done some more work on my painting of Mary and Jesus and when I get some more white paint, think I will be able to finish it! The paintings of the Sacred and Immaculate Hearts should be done soon, too.
I am very excited for Easter! I am ready to finish Lent and Celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus.
Also working on putting together a giveaway to celebrate the opening of Little Bird Wares. I should have details up the first week of April sometime.

Hangers?? I have access to some extra, unneeded hangers from the cleaners. I have been trying to think of something I could make with them or a way to re-purpose them. I have a few ideas but am open for suggestions if you have them.

Enjoying the sunshine and fair weather we have been having and hope it sticks around. :) Hope everyone is having a great week so far and has a very happy and Holy week following!

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