Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Mary, Help Me,

I have been nesting and cleaning and getting everything ready for when the baby comes all day today, and since I'm on a roll, here are prayers for the next few days in case the baby comes early. :) So sad this month of Mary is almost over. I'll miss the daily prayers to her.

These prayers are from my book, Mother of Mothers, Devotions and Prayers.

Mary, Help Me
O Holy Queen, Mother of Mothers, consolation and protectress of all Christian motherhood-Mother Mary, help me.
When all looks dark and I find none to speak a consoling of cheering word, dear Mary, help me.
When I have tried hard and others do not seem to understand, dear Mary, help me.
When a thousand worrisome distractions and annoyances come into my day and it seems so hard to keep my peace of heart, dear Mary, help me.
In all things, Mother, assist me! That I may, like yourself, with patience turn all my trials into spiritual treasures; that I may grow ever more like you, the cherished Queen of the most Holy Family, dear Mary, help me! 

Mother Mary
 Holy Mother Mary, who by virtue of your divine motherhood have become Mother of us all, I place the charge which God has given me under your loving protection. Be a protection mother to my children. Guard their bodies and keep them in health and strength. Guard their minds and keep their thoughts ever holy in the sight of their Creator and God. Guard their hearts and keep them pure and strong and happy in the love of God. Guard always their souls and ever preserve in them faithfully the glorious image of God they received in holy Baptism. Always, Mother, protect them and keep them under your mothering  care. Supply in your all-wise motherhood for my poor human deficiencies and  protect them from all evil. 
Queen of the most Holy Family,
Pray for us!
Mother of Mothers,
Pray for us!

And this one is for my little one on the way:

For Protection of the Child
I put my little babe under you protection, Mary, my Mother. Make its tiny mind grow up to love the truths of faith; consecrate its will to the service of God; fill its heart with love for its Creator.
Fashion its little body in all perfection:
let its organs be sound, its senses acute, all its members strong and healthy. You can obtain this favor for me and my child, most powerful Mother. I put my trust in you. Amen.


  1. This is beautiful Gian and I did not know you were pregnant - how wonderful!! Please keep us all posted when you can and no need to stop saying prayers to Mary everyday just because May is over!! I will keep you and your precious baby in my prayers!!!

    1. Thanks Donna! I'll try keep you updated. And I won't stop saying prayers to Mary, I'll just miss posting them. It was a nice challenge to do it everyday and find new and old prayers to her. I especially liked to learn some of the history and tradition behind them as well.

  2. These are just beautiful prayers. Thanks for sharing.

    Tolerance, Peace and Love to ALL !

  3. How beautiful! Praying for a safe and happy delivery! Blessings to you,
    ToLoveAlways and My Nana's Pocket