Monday, May 7, 2012

Our Lady of This House and Mary, Mother of Jesus

Getting a little behind again so here is a prayer for today and yesterday. :)

Here is one I found in my moms kitchen...
 Our Lady Of This House
O sweet and gentle Lady, Immaculate Mother of God, 
we choose thee this day as the Mistress and Lady of this house.
Guard it, dear Mother from pestilence, fire, lightning and tempest, 
from schisms and heresies, and from the malice of enemies.
Protect its inmates, sweet Mother, watch over their going out
and their coming in and preserve them from sudden death. 
Keep from us all sin and harm and pray to God for us that we may 
live in His service and depart this life in His grace. 

And here is a nice little one that reminds me of Blessed Mother Teresa. . .
Mary, Mother of Jesus
Mary, Mother of Jesus,
give me your heart
so beautiful, so pure,
so immaculate,
that I may be able to receive
Jesus in the Bread of Life,
love Him as you loved Him,
and serve Him as you served Him
in the distressing disguise
of the poorest of the poor.

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